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Self Portrait – Kerala, India

The Magic Moment


 That is what Andrew Adams excels at capturing.  Working with minimal gear.  Andrew gets up-close-and-personal with his subject matter and creates exquisite images that evoke a sense of wonder. His photography is driven by an urge to see what’s around the next corner and by his interest in world cultures. He’s always looking to see how the light will change;  he’s always on the lookout for that next great image.

 Andrew has been on assignment in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Cuba, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, USA and Canada. But it is Andrew’s fascination with India and Indian culture that has inspired him in the last six years. He has traveled extensively in India and captured the timeless beauty of Indian tradition and ritual as well as the unfolding landscapes and architectural wonders.

Editorial South Asian Bride Magazine

Andrew is also highly accomplished and sought-after Editorial Portrait and Wedding Photojournalist. He has shot sumptuous, elaborate and tradition-infused weddings all over the world including;  Rajasthan, Goa, Kathmandu, Bangkok, Colombo, New York, and Toronto.

Model Shoot on the Backwaters – Kerala

Andrew has also collaborated with many talented artists, designers, models and talent in the creation of stunning editorial concept shoots. His work has appeared in several publications including: Marie Claire India, The Hindustan Times,  South Asian Bride, The Times of India, Maharani Weddings, Lavish Dulhan.

Avoiding the typical studio scenario,  Andrew favors making use of the natural environments, locations he comes across on his travels.  Be it the lush backwaters of Kerala,  the bustling streets of Mumbai, or a luxurious Palace hotel in Udaipur.  Andrew’s portraits evoke an earthy, sensuality, bringing out the true essence of each of his subjects.

A sensitive eye

Asha for Education project site – Tamil Nadu

As a photographer with an artist’s sensitivity, Andrew is acutely aware of suffering and need. He has responded to humanitarian need by telling visual stories through his photographs. His passion for photography and compassionate heart has led Andrew to work in some of the most impoverished areas of India, photographing schools for NGOs. It is a personal mission to give back to the country that has touched him so deeply. Andrew uses his passion for photography to help communicate on behalf of those who cannot, and to tell the stories need telling and that only a sensitive eye can tell. He has a keen appreciation for how precious life is — and this awareness speaks through his images.

Early years

Ganges River – Benaras, India

Andrew has been passionate about photography since a very young age. While on a holiday in California he picked up his first SLR camera and knew that was what he wanted to do. This first trip outside of his native Canada sparked his interest both in photography, and also in different cultures. After completing his formal education in photography in Toronto, Canada, he pursued his dream to combine travel and photography.

Andrew is available for wedding, travel or portrait photography. Please contact via contact link at the top of this page to discuss your project … and how Andrew can help capture your magic moments.


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